Green Tea

Because green tea is made by processing the leaf soon after it is picked, this class of tea is considered minimally oxidized. Read more...


Black Tea

Black tea is the class of tea that is fully-oxidized. Because of this, black tea is darker in color, stronger in flavor, and has a higher concentration of caffeine when compared to other teas. Read more...


Slimming Tea

There are two kinds of "slimming" or "diet" herbal teas - those that contain laxatives and/or diuretics (senna is a common ingredient) and those that contain herbs like ma huang. Read more...


Free Sample

Flowering Green Tea - 3 pieces (Free for a limited time).  Flowering tea, also known as blooming tea, is a small bundle of dried tea leaves and natural flowers hand-sewn together with a cotton thread. When steeped, flowering tea expands and unfurls similar to a blooming flower. Read more...


Simple & Cheap! (US only, sorry)


One of the most prized and amazing characteristics of tea is the dizzying array of natural flavors and aromas that can be coaxed from this single leaf by variations in climate, geography and processing. Combination of China green tea, sweet Spanish orange peel, and just a hint of orange flavor to add a slight tang to the classic green tea. Serve iced as a healthy alternative to soda.


Slimming Blend

Tava Tea

tava tea where to buy

Tava Tea Wellness Blend is a unique blend of organic Sencha, Wuyi Cliff Oolong and Puerh and its unbeatable power comes from a number of very important factors. Tava Tea Wellness Blend will work for you or your money back!